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music of expression iPhone instruments!!

A trumpet in your pocket, a saxophone in your hand, a trombone at your fingertips!

music of expression instruments operate on the same principles as real instruments. They look, play, and sound like the real thing! Plus we've included a visual synthesizer, flexible MIDI control, and online sharing of performances. Learn the mechanics of TROMBONE, control GarageBand with TRUMPET, jam with Saxophone -- music of expression instruments are fun, expressive tools for professionals and amateurs alike.

Check out music of expression instruments and keep reaching your musical potential, wherever your travels take you!

How to smooth out tough passages

Sometimes you'll find that you can play through a passage quickly, but the notes aren't completely even, and even slowing down the tempo isn't helping as much as it usually does.

Using syncopated rhythms can help you master these passages. Look at the following passage.

[16th notes]

Syncopated rhythms help you focus on the transition from each note to the next. Take the original passage and play the following, syncopated version:

[Sync 1]

Then reverse the syncopation.

[Sync 2]

After playing both, you''ll often find that one or two of the notes are particularly troublesome -- now you know where to focus your practice if the passage is still giving you problems.

You can take this technique to the next level with more complex syncopations. Instead of a dotted eighth-sixteenth rhythm, try an eighth and two sixteenths.

[Sync 3]

Sheet Music for Practice

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