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music of expression iPhone instruments!!

A trumpet in your pocket, a saxophone in your hand, a trombone at your fingertips!

music of expression instruments operate on the same principles as real instruments. They look, play, and sound like the real thing! Plus we've included a visual synthesizer, flexible MIDI control, and online sharing of performances. Learn the mechanics of TROMBONE, control GarageBand with TRUMPET, jam with Saxophone -- music of expression instruments are fun, expressive tools for professionals and amateurs alike.

Check out music of expression instruments and keep reaching your musical potential, wherever your travels take you!

Using a metronome to practice jazz

In jazz swing styles, we snap our fingers with the high hat, on beats two and four. It's important for jazz players to practice with this “high hat” beat to get comfortable with playing with an active rhythm section. If your tempo is 120, set it to 60. At first it seems like the metronome is beating out half notes on one and three. Snap your fingers with that beat and say the beat count out loud, “one, two, three, four” with the snaps on two and four.

It might feel weird at first, but soon you'll feel that the metronome is on beats two and four. Continue the count in your head and play your instrument.

For Latin styles and “up” tempos, jazz players often rely on tapping their feet on one and three, or just on one. Keep in mind that relying on a “high hat” beat for tempos exceeding quarter note equals 220 can be more frustrating than productive. Therefore, for “up” tempos, set the metronome to regular half notes or whole notes.

Sheet Music for Practice

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