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music of expression iPhone instruments!!

A trumpet in your pocket, a saxophone in your hand, a trombone at your fingertips!

music of expression instruments operate on the same principles as real instruments. They look, play, and sound like the real thing! Plus we've included a visual synthesizer, flexible MIDI control, and online sharing of performances. Learn the mechanics of TROMBONE, control GarageBand with TRUMPET, jam with Saxophone -- music of expression instruments are fun, expressive tools for professionals and amateurs alike.

Check out music of expression instruments and keep reaching your musical potential, wherever your travels take you!

Tempo and Expression

The metronome is a rigid support to your sense of time, but that doesn't mean your sense of time has to be rigid. Don't let the metronome replace your emotion and humanity with its own relentless beat.

Using a metronome is critical for developing a strong and confident technique. After mastering the technical challenges of your piece, turn off the metronome, and focus your practice on your piece's musical challenges.

Having used your metronome to gain control of the tricky parts of your piece, you've freed your heart and mind to focus on other parts of the music. With the rise and fall of tension, so may the tempo ebb and flow.

You may hear that the metronome suppresses musical feeling. That may be true if you don't need to be using it. However if you're worried about making all the notes, fully expressing yourself musically is difficult. After a session with the metronome, you'll find that you're more expressive than ever!

Sheet Music for Practice

Flute Scales 
Clarinet Scales 
Saxophone Scales
Oboe Scales 
Trumpet Scales 
Trombone Scales 
Tuba Scales 
Guitar Scales 
Violin Scales 
Viola Scales 
Cello Scales 
Bass Scales